Internet Forums

What is it with some people? They join a forum and put up a few posts – then something happens and they loose all common sense. A typical example is a classic car forum. They make a few posts then on the advice of some other “experienced” members they order some parts. Sometimes a part takes a nano second or two longer to arrive than they would like, or arrives damaged. What do they do?? Do they contact the supplier and give them chance to sort it? NO, they go straight onto the forum, berate the supplier, organise a posse to go round and give them a good kicking. After a period (could be hours or days) some sensible person will suggest they contact the supplier to resolve the issue. This they do and guess what! the supplier apologises and sorts the problem. No need to have sent the boys round or anything!

It’s hard enough to survive in business these days without customers making life more difficult. If I had my way everyone would have to take a common sense test before being allowed any where near t’interweb.

Of course I’m perfect 🙂

And now I’ve started on the subject why do the same people always feel the need for a group hug when their pride and joy passes an M.O.T.?  Any car should be roadworthy before it goes anywhere near a public highway, classic cars are supposed to be cherished and cared for if you believe the DVLA stats. So any classic should just sail through an M.O.T. without any drama. Incidentally, many of these people who have cars that “scrape” through with a few advisories or worse actually fail, (to lots of support and commiseration from fellow forum members and lots of offers to reform the recently dismembered posse to go round and beat up the b£$^£^%d M.O.T. tester) are the same ones that want the absurd pre 1960’s cars M.O.T. exemption extending to their own cars.

For the record, in my opinion EVERY motor vehicle should be M.O.T’d before it is allowed on public roads, no matter how old or how well looked after. In fact in many ways the older a car the more important it is. There are so many literally clueless classic car owners today, it’s frightening – I met several this summer!